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We are using various ways that are all different for twitter hack. There are 5 stages of analyze that are starting from the easiest and the fastest way. This is a method which is well known as ‘bruteforce’. Basically this method is working by combining the very complex password to find out which one that is most right and can be used to login. Everybody can do this type of stages. However it will take a very long time. It can be done by trying to combining thousands of number and alphabets for all the entire system. Our system is built to try and thousand passwords every second

At the end of the process, we are often trying more than a thousand of passwords that are all different. As you know, this is the exact method of mathematics which is commonly known as “bruteforce” and at the end of the process; it will get one which is the most right one. It is all about the time. That is why how to hack a twitter account which is more complex will need much longer time. We will start with some loss of password that is very common to be used. These lists are made by the master of security. Some of them are ‘24680’,’57913’,’4A6Df8’,’4Y67AAD’,’Kilo990’ and so on.

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